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These subtitles are confusing me. One episode Choi Han-Gyul is going to America to be a block designer, the next episode he’s going to be a blog designer.

Can someone identify what drama is in the third of the shower scene photos? I want to watch it based on the fact he looks ridiculously happy in the shower, haha.

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You just won me over, It’s Okay, That’s Love. 

That bar scene was everything! 

So started episode 14 and when Gi Tae’s dad called him over for a drink I started thinking about how much I liked him at first and how that was completely ruined by his actions, and maybe he could turn a leaf before the series end. Maybe this is the scene it all begins at…

And then he opened his STUPID mouth and gave his -great- advice(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻.

Man, these Kdramas have to stop giving me so many feels. My heart practically sunk with Gong Gi Tae’s when Jang Mi said that. 

The OST for this show is great but they went a little nuts switching between Stop the Love Now and Love Lane toward the end there.

Thanks a lot, Surplus Princess. Now I’m going to be going around my house the rest of the day humming the chorus to My Destiny.

Anonymous said: So far this year what's your favourite drama?

I can’t pick one. Of ones aired in 2014 I’d have to say probably Trot Lovers even though it was very cliched with the amnesia plotline. I loved Jung Eun Ji as Choon-Hee so much and hope she wins some awards. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous too! I also enjoyed seeing Shin Sung Rok in a less creepy role than compared to his character in My Love From Another Star.

Another I just recently finished was Witch’s Romance and that a fun romantic comedy without a heaping dose of drama like Trot Lovers seemed to have toward the end. I wanted to watch it for Park Seo Joon after liking him in I Summon You Gold and I ended up a fan of Uhm Jung-Hwa. She was really enjoyable as Ban Ji-Yeon who was a refreshing change from the typical child like lead you see in some dramas.

Now of course this all depends on if I end up liking the ending to Fated To Love more. So far I’m loving the three year jump because Gun is crazy as ever. All the awards for Jang Hyuk. 

"In my heart, it seems like wind is blowing and it just feels… strangely weird.

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